Pricing + Services


Initial Consultation

$Free/30 minutes — Getting to know each other is one of the most important aspects in the client - coach relationship. That’s why your initial consultation will center on your health, wellness, and fitness goals. In this way, we can make sure your journey aligns with our mission.


Monthly Health Coaching

Individual: $40/month — Finding the motivation, time, and strength to make sustainable health choices can be overwhelming for many people. Our monthly coaching plan provides you with encouragement, knowledge, and action planning so that you can meet your goals.

Couples: $70/month — Working together is the crux of any great relationship. Our couples coaching will help you both stay motivated, incentivized, and encouraged to look & feel you best.

Corporate: $625/day — We all know it can be extremely challenging trying to balance work, family, and fun. Our corporate health coaching plan is the perfect solution to empower your employees to live healthy lifestyles.


Lab Result & Medication Review

$45/30 minutes — Our background is in nursing so we understand the understand the frustration of quick doctor visits where there is often no time for questions. The goal of this session is to review your lab results and current medication list and discuss the pharmacology and pharmacokinetics.