At Health 78, our mission is to Empower Healthy Lifestyles.

We know that means something different to every person and that’s the purpose. Our programs are evidence based, medically safe, and completely driven by your needs. Creating sustainable lifestyle changes take time and we want to be there with you from the beginning.


Our Services

Health 78 offers multiple health, wellness, and fitness services. Backed by 10+ years in the medical field, each program ensures the highest standards of safe practice. From individual & couples coaching to corporate consulting & on-site events, we can help you and your organization get and remain healthy.

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Why Choose Health 78?

We know there are lots of options out there when it comes to improving your health, wellness, and fitness. However, we believe what makes Health 78 unique is our extensive training & experience in the fields of Health, Wellness, and Fitness. Rooted in the profession of nursing, every one of our programs are designed with a holistic approach to ensure the best outcomes.

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Monthly Dispatches

Subscribe to the Health 78 blog so you can stay up to date on our latest new + notes. Every month we deliver value based health, wellness, and fitness information we hope will empower healthy lifestyles. Topics include fitness tips, nutrition goals, mental motivations, and so much more.

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Health Coaching

Finding the motivation, time, and strength to make sustainable health choices can be overwhelming for many people.

Our monthly coaching plan provides you with encouragement, knowledge, and action planning so that you can meet your goals.


Getting healthy will be one of your most rewarding life choices. We hope you’ll choose us to go on that journey with you.

— Mitch LaFleur RN, BSN, CPT


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bespoke fitness plans

Developing training plans can be overwhelming for new and veteran athletes. Our fitness plans are geared toward total body health.

Each plan offers a different experience, so whether you are looking to gain muscle or shred fat, one of our plans has you covered.